Hundreds Of ISIS Terrorists Now Living In Great Britain

Hundreds Of ISIS Terrorists Now Living In Great Britain

ISIS isn't just a problem affecting the middle east as according to British Police there are now over 350 known battle hardened ISIS terrorists living in Great Britain.

All have traveled and returned from Syria or Iraq where they either fought or offered support for jihadist terror groups, mainly ISIS.

Police said the terrorist were part of at least 700 British residents known to have gone to the middle east to engage in terrorist actions. Fifty are known to have been killed and 20 have been arrested and convicted of terrorism.

The majority of the British terrorists hale from England, mainly from areas around London, with the remainder from Wales and Scotland. Security expert say they are only a part of the thousands of young Muslims from around the western world who are fighting with various jihadist groups battling for supremacy in Syria and Iraq.

Western and Turkish security forces have faced much criticism for not doing enough to stop people entering Syria from neighboring Turkey, while the Obama administration has admitted that it has no proper strategy to deal with the problem, though it continues to conduct air strikes on high value targets from time to time.

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