Buyer Beware! NEVER Order These 10 Things From A Fast Food Menu!


Sure, most fast food chains are going the healthy route with various menu items geared towards their more conscious customers, but let's be real - not many people are thinking very hard about what comes over the counter or through the drive through window! There are just some items off the restaurant menu you shouldn't order, and these offenders are only just standouts on a long list of "don't get this or you'll be sorry" fast food purchases!


1. Applebee's Not-So Calorie Friendly Salad - Applebee's truly might mean well when they offer diners the option of a salad instead of ordering their usual hearty steaks and appetizers, but how much are cautious eaters really getting sabotaged by these salads? The family-friendly chain is not so friendly to the waistline even after considering their larger-than-life salad portions with fatty dressing ingredients - stay away from certain Applebee's house salad dressings if you're watching your sugar and fat intake!