Successful Flirters Don't Want To Tell You These Nine Secrets


Don't hate the players if they know what cards to use! Flirtatious people are usually looked upon in either awe or scorn by more socially awkward people, but believe it or not there's an entire science behind flirting. Great minds have studied the corniest lines and they've found that flirting may not be what you think it is - and people flirt for more reasons than what you might realize!

flirty couple

Break The Ice, Don't Melt It Or Refreeze It - Nobody likes a cheesy pick up line, not even the most seasoned barfly or lounge lizard. 600 correspondents in a study looked at three types of conversation starters - humorous pick up lines, open-ended and inoffensive questions, and direct flirtatious approaches. While women preferred an innocent question, men found themselves more attracted to the direct approach.