Moscow Calls New U.S. Military Plan "Confrontational" As Relationship Continues To Sour

Moscow Calls New U.S. Military Plan "Confrontational" As Relationship Continues To Sour

Already strained relationships between Russia and the USA dived further today with the Kremlin accusing the US of being confrontational. The statement was a direct reference to a new military strategy announced last week by the Pentagon which would see a build up of U.S. infantry and troops in six NATO countries bordering Russia.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today the strategy would not help improve the White House's relationship with Moscow.

He said the Pentagon’s choice of language in announcing its plans for Europe, showed “confrontational attitude, devoid of any objectivity towards our country.”

The Pentagon justified its military build up last week by saying Russia had continually showed it doesn't respect its' neighbors sovereignty and was willing to use force to achieve its’ plans and goals.

Experts said the Pentagon was referring to Russia's involvement in Ukraine.

There was no immediate reaction from the Pentagon or the Obama administration to Peskov's comments today.

Last week U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the U.S. would be sending M1AK2 tanks, self propelled howitzers and Bradley Infantry Fighting vehicles and a limited number of troops to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland, to reassure NATO allies against "Russia’s aggressive stance and their actions in Ukraine".

He also said the US will be working closely with NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Estonia, to strengthen planning and defense strategies.

There were also reports last week that the Pentagon has secretly been planning an extensive defense network to protect US cities from attacks by Russian cruise missiles.

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