New Document Leaks Show Iran Gave Nuclear Materials To Murderous Sudan

New Document Leaks Show Iran Gave Nuclear Materials To Murderous Sudan

According to documents released by transparency group WikiLeaks last week an embassy cable by Saudi diplomats in Khartoum says that Iran sent advanced nuclear equipment and centrifuges to Sudan in 2012.

The document, marked “very secret,” claimed, "The embassy's sources advised that Iranian containers arrived this week at Khartoum airport containing sensitive technical equipment in the form of fast centrifuges for enriching uranium, and a second shipment is expected to arrive this week.”

WikiLeaks revealed more than 60,000 documents last week, claiming they are genuine Saudi communications. They plan to show a total of 500,000.  Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, said they may be false, and have not made any comments on specifics.

Should the cable prove authentic, it does not reveal the embassy’s information source, or more evidence regarding the shipment. Iran has not been reported in the past for shipping nuclear elements to Sudan, where there is no current nuclear activity.

A strange explosion destroyed a munitions factory in Sudan in October of 2012, just eight months after cable’s supposed date. The Sudanese government blamed the attack on an air raid perpetrated by the Israelis.  There was nothing to suggest that the factory had nuclear equipment but this could explain the unusual event.

There have been no official comments on the cable, and no official proof as to whether WikiLeaks’ information on Saudi diplomats, and their beliefs that Iran sent equipment to the Sudan, is true.

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