New Transparent Displays Pave The Way For Virtual Fitting Rooms

New Transparent Displays Pave The Way For Virtual Fitting Rooms

Thanks to Samsung, retailers may have a new tool in their fight against online shopping. The company launched a new line of mirrored and transparent OLED displays this week, that will function as “virtual fitting rooms,” enabling customers to “see” themselves in clothing items without having to try them on. At least in theory.

The panels use front-facing cameras to detect facial and hand movements, combined with rear-facing cameras to scan the room and other objects. The transparent display’s “3D-rotatable viewing systems,” will allow customers to see a product from multiple angles, replicating the function of traditional mirrors without having to actually change clothes.

Combined with consumer tracking technology like the spy beacons (covered here) offered by Facebook and Apple, its possible that in the very near future these smart fitting rooms could download your profile photos, figure out your size and then display you wearing the clothes on offer just as you walk by them.

And this is precisely the future Samsung sees, as it said that the transparent displays “may also replace home mirrors in the future.”

Whether consumers will welcome the technology or be creeped out by it remains to be seen.

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