Poll Finds Most Of The World Has Favorable Opinion Of The United States

Poll Finds Most Of The World Has Favorable Opinion Of The United States

A recent poll of 40 countries shows that most of the world’s people have a positive view of the U.S. The Pew Research group performed the study, which said that many support the U.S. economy and its opposition to the Islamic State.

According to this survey, a median of 69% favorably view the U.S.’s actions and policies, which has risen from the 65% in 2014. However, the controversy of interrogations after 9/11 was largely criticized worldwide.

The U.S. has a large support in fight against the Islamic State. Approximately 62% of people speak supportively about the American government’s military actions against the group, as opposed to the 24% who oppose the actions in Iraq and Syria.

China and the U.S. are considered the largest economies in the world, and are meeting for discourse annually in Washington. America’s recent recession had people concerned that the country was going to come in second to China, yet the number of people who see the U.S. as the number one economy have risen.

Thirty of the 40 countries polled see the U.S. as the world’s economic leader, with India as the leader in number of people who view the country this way. However, a majority of people in 27 of those countries also think that China will supercede the U.S. as the primary economic power.

As a leader, President Barack Obama has growing support in the world, except in Israel. He had the support of 71% there last year, but now has only 49%.

Surveyed countries in Africa and the EU and sub-Saharan Africa support the president by half or more. The majority in 29 other countries said the President would do his best for world issues.

The survey, conducted this year in March and May, and including responses from over 45,000 people, had overall favorable results regarding the world’s view of the U.S.’s economy.

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