This Copenhagen Gate Bike Lane Is Stunning, But Also Frivolous

This Copenhagen Gate Bike Lane Is Stunning, But Also Frivolous

The upcoming Copenhagen Gate in Denmark is set to become the world’s first bike lane to exist in the sky. It is an amazing plan that will link parts of the Copenhagen harbor by using a suspension bridge that is designed specifically for cyclists and pedestrians. The bridge will be supported between a pair of residential and office towers that are located on opposite ends of the harbor.

The structure was designed by American architect Steven Holl, who also designed the associated towers. The bridge will be 213 feet above sea level and provide amazing views of the city, while also establishing a new gateway into Copenhagen for passengers who arrive at the city’s cruise ship terminal. The bridge is set to enter into construction next year.

However, some believe that it might be better off used for walkers or runners than for bicyclists. Anyone who wants to ride their bike on the bridge will need to put their bike into an elevator on either side. This will likely be an unwieldy process. After the novelty wears off, it will probably just be easier to ride at ground level. Plus, even once the harbor is completely rebuilt, this bridge will most likely never be one of the city’s most vital links because of the limitedness of where it can take you and how you can travel on the bridge.  

However, with city ordinances that require that newly created housing units be placed within 500 meters of a public transit stop, new residential developments will be able to be constructed because of the bridge. This is because many areas of the city will be able to reach the upcoming Nordhavn metro station quicker by using the bridge.

Additionally, the bridge isn’t being placed high up because of the view alone. Cruise ships will actually need to pass underneath the bridge, hence its high placement. Admittedly, it will be pretty neat to have cruise ship pass underneath you while you ride your bike over the bridge.

Still, some are wondering if the city would have just been better off creating a new bus line. It’s most likely that the bridge is more of a glorified tourist attraction than anything else. But there’s no denying the fact that it has a great design and that it will offer stunning views. So while it might be a little frivolous, something new and exciting is definitely coming to Copenhagen.

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