Toughest Vaccination Law in the U.S. One Step Closer to Being Passed

Toughest Vaccination Law in the U.S. One Step Closer to Being Passed

California is one step closer to having a law which would prevent children from entering public school if not vaccinated.

The State's legislature has approved a Bill that would mean unvaccinated children would either have to be home schooled, or attend a private school that allows them to be admitted.

The only way families could avoid the requirement is to present a case that would show their children had a serious health issue which would be worsened by vaccination.

The Bill will now go to Governor Jerry Brown for sign off and if approved California would join West Virginia and Mississippi as the only states where such a law exists.

Discussion over forcing families to vaccinate their children before they are allowed to be admitted has been a hot topic, not only in California but nationwide in recent times.

California's serious moves to introduce the vaccination law followed an outbreak of measles in December which affected more than 100 people, not only in the US but also Canada and Mexico.

The outbreak was sourced to Disneyland and many of those affected had not been vaccinated .

On presenting the bill, California legislator Lorena Gonzalez asked “Do we wait until we have a full-fledged crisis to protect the most vulnerable?”

The major opposition to the vaccination bill, from both Democrats and Republicans can be summed up by comments made by Assemblyman Devon Mathis.

“We do not have the right, nor should we have the power, to take away a parent’s right to choose,” he said.

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