Trump, Carson Dominating Iowa While Bush Falls Further Behind

Trump, Carson Dominating Iowa While Bush Falls Further Behind

The outsider Republican duo of Donald Trump and Ben Carson are in the lead for the Republican ticket against a field of seasoned politicians. The two led the pack with double digit margins against the other competitors for the GOP ticket and were also viewed as more favorable.

Analysts are now wondering whether it’s as good as certain that either of the two will win the ticket.

According to a new survey by Ann Selzer, where 400 likely Iowa republican Caucus goers were polled from Aug. 23 to Aug. 26, billionaire Donald Trump has a commanding lead over the rest of his competition. Trump polled in at an impressive 23 percent, the clear winner of the survey conducted on behalf of Bloomberg and the Des Moines Register.

Next on the survey was retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson with 18 percent of the vote. The two were the only candidates with double digit figures. The rest of the Republican hopefuls that included current and former governors and senators were in the single digits.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker were all third with 8 percent each. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush came in fourth with 6 percent. He had tied with fellow Floridian current senator Marco Rubio.

Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee drew 4 percent each. Ohio governor john Kasich tied with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal with 2 percent each.

The poll also took into account the hopefuls’ favorability rankings. In these rankings, the non politicians fared even better. Carson led the pack with 79 percent favorability, followed closely by former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina with 64 percent. Trump pulled in a close third with 61 percent.

Bush, whose campaign team has raised over $100 million through affiliated PACs, has a big problem in the favorability department. Only 49 percent of those polled saw him favorably against 50 percent who have a negative opinion towards him.

Others at the bottom of the favorability index were Christie had 59 percent while Rand Paul, whose father almost won Iowa in 2012, had 49 percent.

Trump has been going on strong in polls heading to the end of summer. Analysts had predicted that his rankings would gradually go down but it seems they are moving in the opposite direction; upwards. Will this mark the onset of non politician leadership?

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