UPDATE: Charleston Shooter Identified & Arrested In North Carolina

UPDATE: Charleston Shooter Identified & Arrested In North Carolina

South Carolina police have identified the suspect in a church shooting that took place Wednesday night in Charleston as Dylann Storm Roof, 21. He is now charged with the killing of nine people in the attack.

A law enforcement source reported that Roof has been arrested in Shelby, North Carolina, nearly 250 miles, or about three and a half hours' drive, away from Charleston, where the shooting took place. The arrest was reported shortly after 11am eastern time, and confirmed by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch at a later press conference.

Charleston police chief Greg Mullen reported that local police stopped Roof's car after a citizen reported "suspicious activity." Mullen reported that the suspect was "cooperative" with the arresting officer.

At around the time of the arrest a prayer vigil for the victims at a nearby church was disrupted by an anonymous bomb threat. The police cleared the area and searched for explosives, but failed to find any. They continue to investigate the incident.

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