10 Strange Unsolved American Hospital Mysteries

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Missing: Tavish Sutton
Tavish Sutton was a one month old child when he was brought to the Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta on March 6th, 1993. He underwent successful minor surgery to get rid of an abscess on his body, with the procedure being a complete success. At the time of the srugery Tavish was legally being cared for by the Department of Family and Children Services, due to his mother suffering from schizophrenia and being committed to a mental institution. Only three days after Tavish was admitted, he disappeared, vanishing without a trace. A nurse had seen him no more than 15 minutes prior to his disappearance.

The case was never solved though Tavish’s mother ended up with a cash settlement and rumors of a woman pretending to be pregnant lurking around the hospital persisted for years.

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