10 Strange Unsolved American Hospital Mysteries

AdobeStock by Alessio Furlan


Chucky McGivern
Baby Chucky suffered from a rare condition known as Reye’s Syndrome and was given just a ten percent chance of survival, but that was enough for his mother. In her search for a miracle, she decided to make use of a St. John Neumann religious medal. The medal itself is the story because it actually helped the miracle come true.

The medal had been put together alongside two other medals using a safety pin, all facing upright. But whenever Chucky’s mother would come back to her son’s room it would be facing down.

The mystery got deeper as a St. John picture mysteriously appeared taped to the wall at some point, although nobody admitted to placing it there and there was also a unidentified small boy going into the room constantly to talk with Chucky and his family, although whenever security was called they couldn’t even find him.

All this activity became a deep mystery after Chucky was so sick a priest administered last rights yet Chucky would reverse course, get better, and live through the disease in what can only be described as a miracle.

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