10 Strange Unsolved American Hospital Mysteries

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Infant Deaths at The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children
During June 1980 to March 1981, there was a surge of infantile death at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. The rate of death was over 600 percent the normal rate for such a hospital. Investigating the deaths led to the chemical Dioxin being discovered in 27-day old Kevin Garnetts’ system. Eventually the trail led investigators to Susan Nelles, a nurse at the location. She was arrested for murder despite only circumstantial evidence against her. But the charges were eventually dropped, prompting people still to delve deeper into the case. Amateur investigators found that MBT (a toxic chemical compound) could have been the culprit, likely leeching off of the rubber IV lines and seals into the sick children. Fortunately the chemical was subsequently banned from medical equipment.

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