10 Unexpected Places You Need to See Before Global Warming Swallows Them Forever



Our wonderful world is full of many different things to see and do but there are some things you should visit fast before our changing planet makes them disappear forever. Global warming is the number one reason these places are disappearing, and it isn't just islands and low lying countries - global warming affects lots of places in different, unexpected, ways.

Write these down so that the next time you're planning a trip you can see these before they're gone!


Ocean City, MD. USA

The boardwalk of this location is incredibly famous and has been featured in multiple movies. There's always some delicious saltwater taffy on deck, just watch out for those frat boys. With rising sea levels its only a matter of time before this awesome experience will be underwater.


Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Barrier reefs are a pretty amazing sight, but when you choose to see the best of the best it's going to be amazing. There are about 34 million hectares to this coral reef, and it can actually be seen from space, although the best place to look are the tiny crevices that contain stuning fish and other life. Yet just because its big or in the water doesn't mean the reef will be here forever. Acidification of our oceans are demolishing reefs throughout the world, including this one.


Death Valley, California, USA

You wouldn't want to spend your whole vacation here but you should definitely check it out for a day or two. With the highest temperatures recorded on the planet, as well as flash floods and sands storms its a pretty crazy place that is still home to rate reptiles, plants and other strange form of life. But at the rate things are going the species that live in the valley may soon be extinct. Temperatures are rising by a couple of degrees each year, making life difficult for even the hardiest creatures.


Salzburg, Austria

Mountains, just like reefs and deserts are at risk from global warming. Specifically threatened by rising temperatures are their icy peaks. In the Alps the rain/snow line has jumped up 200 feet over the past 50 years. While the mountains still have plenty of snow for a ski holiday they might not be that way forever.


The Statue of Liberty

A historical landmark isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about global warming but Lady Liberty could potentially be in danger due to risk of flooding. The statue is situated directly in the path of super storms, so every single time New York is hit with a relatively large storm this statue feels the impact. By 2050 a much larger storm is expected to hit the city and could take Lady Liberty out for good.


Mihocan, Mexico

Mihocan is home to well over a billion butterflies. Yes, we didn't misuse the word; there are actually billions of butterflies at this location. So much so that they can bend the branches of trees with their weight. But severe weather while they migrate combined with deforestation has cut down their numbers in recent years.


Everglades, Florida, USA

This National Park is a treat that keeps on giving as its a whopping 734-square miles of land. You can ride an air boat over the swampy waters and hope to see some gators, or be fortunate enough to come upon a giant whale-like manatee. But encroaching seawater means the glades have shrunk to about half their initial size over the past few years, and the decline of surface area is only going to get worse with rising sea levels.


Bangkok, Thailand

Time magazine recently listed Bangkok as the hottest tourism destination on the planet and over 16 million visitors each year agree. Its amazing night life, vibrant food scene and unique culture combine to make it a wonderful experience every time. Droughts, however, are keeping this city under a pretty strong grip. Floods are now common, threatening to devastate the city in the event of a major storm.

Chicago Skyline at Dusk

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is well known for a bunch of things - from sports to deep dish pizzas to snow - so you wouldn't think of the city when you think of global warming. But increasingly harsh winters and unpredictably low lake levels make both getting to and living in Chicago increasingly difficult.


The Sheep Heid Inn, Edinburgh, Scotland

This is the oldest bar that Edinburgh has to offer, and it has been selling liquor out of its current location ever since 1360. That's right, 1360. But the distilleries of Scotland have been in a bad way for the past few years due to climate change. Droughts and winter floods are constantly keeping things as tough as possible for distillers, adding costs and driving away ever-important tourism, which makes The Sheep Heid Inn an unlikely victim of global warming.

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