Laser treatments were launched for removal of body hair in a painless way. They have gained a lot of popularity worldwide among men and women, but it is necessary to know your skin tone and to consult a doctor before getting any treatment. Usually, lighter skin needs less treatment sessions as compared to darker skin, and it is necessary that the hair that needs to be removed is of a darker color as compared to the color of the skin.

Dark colored hair absorbs more laser energy, making it easier to remove. Meanwhile, blonde and red hair are the most difficult colors to remove. The treatment can be done for body hair removal, but some of the areas where hair is also removed are the face, neck, upper lip, under arms, legs, bikini line and back.

It should be noted that laser hair removal can be quite expensive. A single session can run more than $500. However, the results are permanent, so many people consider it to be a long term investment.


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