See Every Tree In New York City Mapped By Species


See Every Tree In New York City Mapped By Species


Brooklyn-based designer Jill Hubley just made your weekend 1000x cooler. Despite New York City being about as urban as urban gets, Jill's latest project shows that even concrete jungles harbor leafy life.

The talented designer used 2005 tree census data to map all 592, 130 trees in the Big Apple, creating a colorful interactive map you can play with for hours.

The map shows the distribution of trees, color-coded by species, throughout New York City’s five boroughs and allows users to zoom all the way down to their specific building (she has yet to figure out a way to map your house plants, sorry!).

Hubley even surprised herself, writing:

I would’ve thought the trees throughout the city would be fairly homogeneous in terms of the percentages planted. Instead, Brooklyn has more London Plane trees than any other species (23.6%), Queens has a ton of Norway maples (18.3%), the majority of Manhattan’s trees are Honey locusts (23.3%), and Staten Island has a high percentage of Callery pears (24.8%). The Bronx has the most evenly distributed assortment of trees—Honey locust, Norway maple, and London Plane tree are all popular (11-13% each).

Scroll down for photos of the site and definitely check it out yourself at

Happy Citizen Earth Day NYC!

Left, London Plane distribution, right, Silver maple distribution.


Whole of NYC


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