Numerous hipsters, known for their comprehensive use of tattoo body art, have reported serious issues using their Apple Watches, according to forum posts since the launch.

It seems the watch’s wrist sensor, which changes what is display on the screen based on its contact with your skin, does not work if placed over top of tattoos. It’s a vital component to using the watch.

In a typically vague response, Apple explained that the Watch uses LEDs to detect how much blood is flowing through your veins, but that a number factors can mean the device won’t get a reading.

Based on the online reports it appears the artificial pigments in tattoos are preventing the Watch from being able to see inside their veins, causing the device to assume it’s not being worn and therefore not issuing notifications and locking the screen.

Forum poster guinne55fan reports that the Watch is buggy in other ways, too.

“Overall I’m having other issues with it that are not tattoo related that I’m more upset about, spotty notifications with messages, no email notifications, I can receive calls on the watch but I can’t make them, those issues are bothering me more,” he wrote in the comments following his original post.

The posts are the latest revelation that users aren’t totally in love with the watches. Hype has been notably dimmer than usual for an Apple product launch, though journalists refuse to criticize the product too heavily because if they do, Apple will swiftly cut them off from any information flow or product demos in the future. The company treats journalists who critique its products very harshly, leading to a usually positive flow of information when it comes to product launches.

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