Over 100 people were arrested in protests in support of Freddie Gray as the unrest spread to New York City Wednesday night, according to reports.

The New York protest, which began in Union Square, was comprised of at least 1,000 people and quickly spread across the city, shutting down parts of the Holland Tunnel, the West Side Highway and Times Square.

TV news outlet CBS reports most of the arrests were a result of protesters marching on the street and not the sidewalk, although there were isolated reports of people throwing bottles at officers.

There were too many arrests to track on the ground and some of them more dramatic than others.

A CBS news crew reported getting jostled around in the middle of the action and said the confrontation was more physical than those seen in Baltimore on Tuesday – the day immediately following the riots.

Three officers were observed carrying one man who was using every ounce of his energy to resist. Another handcuffed man was hunched in the street with his mouth gagged, and police also took several women into custody.

The protests show nationwide anger over the treatment of African-American men by police. The cold blooded shooting of Walter L. Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina, has brought nation-wide attention to the issue, resulting in several more disturbing videos hitting the internet. The latest incident, where Baltimore native Freddie Gray was taken into police custody but later died under mysterious circumstances, has caused nationwide uproar over how police deal with men of color.

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