David Cameron, Conservative, Pull Off Stunning Win In UK Elections


David Cameron, Conservative, Pull Off Stunning Win In UK Elections


Experts predicted that the UK election would be too close to call with it perhaps taking days to tally the precise number of votes.

The opposite happened Thursday night as David Cameron and his conservative party was convincingly re-elected. The party now has more power than it did in the 2010 elections.

As of this morning it was reported that the party had 326 seats, giving them an absolute majority.

The stunning victory was promptly followed by the resignation of opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg.

The results mean that the Conservatives now get to govern alone, unlike the last five years in which they were forced to rule by a coalition.

The win means we can expect more hard-nosed politics, with expansion of spying programs, tough dialog with the European Union and a tough on crime agenda.

While these are not beneficial to the British economy and defy academic research they are what wins conservative votes.

Another key thing to watch will be Scottish independence. The Scottish National Party had its best showing ever which could renew calls for independence.

Officially the Conservatives have said they'll look at austerity measure to tackle the UK debt, reduce welfare benefits and hold a national referendum on continued EU membership by 2017.

Financial markets responded positively to the clear outcome after days of shaky returns due to the uncertainty.

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