Middle of the road social network Twitter announced today that after successfully launching on iPhone and seeing over a million downloads in 10 days, streaming app Periscope is now available on Android.

The app is wildly popular, with users able to live-stream their daily activities using video, whereas before Twitter has limited them to text and photos.

In a media release Twitter noted that Periscope will only work on Android running 4.4 (KitKat) and above, which made app development “significantly easier.”

Periscope for Android is similar to the iOS version, which was released weeks ago, yet comes with a few Android exclusives such as more granular notification control, and a new “return to broadcast” feature that brings viewers back into your stream if a call or text comes in while a live stream is happening.

While the app is now in the Android store, beware of the many fake Periscope apps claiming to be the real deal. Such apps usually contain sophisticated malware which is difficult if not impossible to remove.

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