Despite Israel’s massive propaganda efforts across global media outlets, the world is starting to take notice of the appalling atrocities the state is committing against Palestinians, in what has become an act of genocide.

The latest indicator that the world is taking a tougher stance on the country, is that the UK’s National Union of Students passed a motion Tuesday to join worldwide efforts to boycott Israel over violations of Palestinian human rights.

The motion aligns the union with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, which Israel so violently opposes that it started doxing U.S. student activists in an attempt to stop them from getting jobs upon graduation.

The NUC’s Executive Council passed the “Justice for Palestine” motion, with 19 members voting in favor, 12 against and three abstaining.

In addition to the boycott, the motion also called on the British Parliament to stop arms sales to Israel.

The NUC is the UK’s umbrella student organization, representing over 600 higher education institutions and 7 million students.

The bill “condemns Israeli military presence in the West Bank and Gaza,” and calls on students to “co-ordinate a nationwide student day of action to commemorate UN Palestine Solidarity Day on 29 November,” according to media releases.

While an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson said the measure had “little practical implications”, the Israeli government is taking both the vote and the BDS movement seriously. The movement seeks to cut off financing for Israel, which is a serious threat given it relies heavily on international trade and investment given the small state has little natural resources.

Yet Israeli money is tough for western countries to ignore and given Israel is also a key ally of western government in their war against radical Islam and militant Arab states, the west seems perfectly fine with allowing the genocide to continue so long as Israel remains a reliable ally in the region.

Highlighting this willingness to turn a blind eye, deputy British ambassador to Israel, Dr. Rob Dixon, said: “We are deeply committed to promoting the UK’s trade and business ties with Israel, as part the flourishing partnership between the two countries.”

While the U.N. has unequivocally condemned the genocide, the attitude of the world’s leaders is clear: At the end of the day, money trumps human rights.

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