The youngest son of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was arrested early Friday on charges of public intoxication and resisting arrest, a move which may have massive ramification for the 2016 presidential election.

John Ellis Bush, 21, was picked up by agents of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission at 2:30am in Austin’s Sixth Street bar district, according to spokesman Roger Wade.

The nephew of former President Bush was freed on $2,500 bond.

Gov. Bush and his wife Columba, already on the 2016 election trail after he officially, unofficially announced his intent to run on June 4th, appeared Friday evening at a Miami museum.

“My son’s doing fine. It’s a private matter. We will support him. We’re sad for him. But I’m not going to discuss it on the public square with 30 cameras,” the governor told reporters, seemingly oblivious to what the American public might think of the matter rather than his spoiled son.

The governor’s family has a history of both legal problems and substance abuse.

The governor’s daughter, Noelle Bush, was arrested in January 2002 for trying to pass a fake prescription at a pharmacy to obtain the drug Xanax. She completed a drug rehabilitation program in August 2003 and a judge dismissed the charges. Clearly, it helps to have friend in high places, as most Americans would likely have gone to jail for similar offenses.

It remains too early to tell how Bush’s inability to control his family will play out in the presidential bid. On one hand, his problems are the same as those faced by many American families. On the other, it speaks to an entitled family with more money than brains and parents who have clearly had other priorities than the behavior of their children.

Bush’s opponents, of which there are many, are likely readying the attack ads and their strategies for exploiting the opportunity.

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