Palestinians Edge Closer To Extinction As ISIS Joins Israel In War On Gaza

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) terror group has threatened the Palestinian armed group Hamas, in what may be the final blow to the Palestinian people.

On Wednesday the terror group released a 16 minute long video on social media where fighters based in Syria’s Aleppo province condemned Hamas for its crackdown on ISIS-supported groups in the Gaza Strip. The video also took issue with the Palestinian interpretation of Islamic law, which the group deemed not strict enough.

“The point of jihad is not to liberate land … but jihad as defined by God, is fighting for and implementing the law of God,” said one masked fighter who appeared in the video, who went on to criticize Hamas for dealing with “secularist”, “communist” and “nationalist” factions.

“They raise their children to respect this (Palestinian) flag,” the fighter said, warning Palestinians that Hamas was unable to secure them their freedom.

“The road to liberate Palestine goes through Iraq and we (ISIS) are getting closer, day by day … while they (Hamas) are moving away from that goal.”

Yet the end result of an ISIS offensive against Hamas would likely be the hastened extermination of the Palestinian people. Israel, already mid-way through the process, uses every opportunity it can to indiscriminately bomb Palestinians, as we’ve documented here and here.

As we reported here, Israel has a firm policy of punishing Palestinian civilians for attacks that occur within its territory, regardless of who conducts them. The fragile nation has already seen such attacks, launched by ISIS supporters, result in swift and severe counter-attacks by Israel’s mighty armed forces.

If ISIS were to wage a war on Israel it would merely trigger an overwhelming military response that would once and for all wipe Palestine off the map.

Hamas and senior Palestinian officials know this, which is why they clamped down hard on alleged supporters of ISIS in recent months, following ISIS-sponsored attacks against Israel launched from Palestinian territory.

If the terror group establishes a foothold in Gaza it would likely mean the demise of a people.

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Josie Samms Administrator
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