Good news for conservationists around the world, the earth’s ice caps are not melting. In fact, according to data collected by NASA satellites, the ice caps are growing. The new revelation rings a bell of hope to the world after the doomsday naysayers have had their way with years of predicting an apocalypse that would engulf the whole word in water. Concern has been shifted from whether the ice caps are indeed melting to by how much are they growing and for how long?

Ice cap levels have grown by a complete one third in 2013, in comparison to a base year level set in 1979. A new study revealed the totally remarkable rally of the Arctic ice over the last couple of years to levels far above the base level.

Rachel Tilling, an ice scientist, said, “It would suggest that sea ice is more resilient perhaps. If you get one year of cooler temperatures, we’ve almost wound the clock back a few years on this gradual decline that’s been happening over decades.”

Arctic ice is indicated to have grown in thickness in Greenland and Canada. The report also indicated that the ice was stabilizing, after years of fluctuating reductions.

The reduction in northern ice levels have been the cause of much panic among environmentalists with Al Gore even predicting the Arctic will have completely melted by 2014. News of the resurgent levels is a welcome relief and a sign of hope for the planet.

The northern ice caps aren’t alone in growth. The southern ice around Antarctica is spreading out over longer distances, much to the shock of scientists. In fact, in 2014, Antarctic ice hit an all new record, a fact scientists have been struggling to explain. This effectively means the earth’s ice level is not receding, unlike what multiple doomsday reports indicate.

However, certain climatology departments have expressed pessimism that he trend would continue. Tilling said, the long-term trend of the ice volume is downwards and the long-term trend of the temperatures in the Arctic is upwards and this finding doesn’t give us any reason to disbelieve that – as far as we can tell it’s just one anomalous year.”

The earth’s ice caps are not melting, in fact they are growing. Life on earth had previously been threatened by an increasing water level. The reduction in ice level changes goes to show just how much can be achieved by an all inclusive conservation campaign.

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