Two men in Poland claim to have discovered a legendary Nazi train, though details about the find remain sketchy despite making international headlines.

No images or details of the find have been released and virtually no details about the supposed find have been released publicly.

The legendary Nazi train, according to local legend, was filled with gems, valuable art and gold yet disappeared into a system of mysterious underground tunnels as the Germans ran away from encroaching Soviet troops at the end of the Second World War

According to historians, the reality of the train has never been convincingly established.

Yet local authorities are not passing up this opportunity at possibly recovering the precious contents of the train that have sparked the thoughts of local people for many decades.

The rumored contents could be valued as high as $30 billion.

Marika Tokarska, an official in the southwestern Polish district of Walbrzych said, “We believe that a train has been found. We are taking this seriously.”

She told members of the media that her office had received a couple of letters this month from the legal representatives of the two men, a German  and a Pole who are remaining anonymous.

The letters seek 10 percent of the total worth of the contents of the train for disclosing its location.

Her office believes that engaging a law firm gives trustworthiness to the men’s claims, as do signs that they are familiar with the contents of the train. Tokarska did not specify what details were disclosed in the letters to suggest the men were familiar with the precise contents of the train.

The district governor has already organized a meeting of police, firefighters and other experts to explore how they can carefully handle the train and its contents, if it is located.

Not only could it be equipped with explosive materials, but underground methane gas could spark an explosion.

“It could be dangerous,” said Tokarska.

Local lore says that he train could have vanished in May 1945.

Myth says it was loaded with treasure and armed before it disappeared after getting into a complex of unknown tunnels under the Owl Mountains, an underground project referred to as “Riese” — meaning Giant — which the Nazis never completed.

Back then, the area was controlled to Germany but currently lies in Poland.

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