On Sunday, more high-flying Democrats welcomed Vice President Joe Biden to enter the contest for the Democratic nomination as party leader Hillary Clinton continues to fight questions over her utilization of a personal email server.

Speaking to NBC’s Meet the Press, Jerry Brown, the governor of California, said that, if he were the Vice President, he would give “very serious consideration” to a presidential run.

According to Brown, the email server saga surrounding Clinton’s personal email server as Secretary of State bore a “dark energy” that indicates a significant challenge for her political campaign.

“It is almost like a vampire. She is going to have to put a stake…in the heart of these emails,” the California Governor said.

Asked if Biden should contest, Brown answered: “You are asking me presidential advice. All I can say is if I were Hillary, I would say don’t jump in. If I were Joe Biden, I would probably give it very serious consideration.”

On Saturday, Speculation increased that Biden may soon face Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination as he met with Senator Elizabeth Warren, a renowned power broker among open-minded Democrats.

Warren, who has significant support from noninterventionist groups that would be vital to success in states that vote early, has said she will not contest for president, but she has not approved Clinton or ruled out being Vice President.

Josh Alcorn, a key adviser for Draft Biden 2016, a Super PAC that is laying the foundation for a possible run, said Biden was “sounding out people in early (primary election) states, activists and potential supporters.”

Speaking to Fox News, Alcorn said, meeting with Warren could helpful in giving Biden more strategies for making the U.S. financial system work better for middle-class citizens.

If Biden runs, Alcorn said it would be imperative for him to declare his candidacy in good time to participate in the first Democratic discussions in October.

Democratic presidential contestant Martin O’Malley said he had a “great deal of respect” for the Vice President.

Speaking to ABC This Week, the former Maryland governor said, “It would be nice to have at least one more lifelong Democrat in the race.”

The remark was partly a reference to Bernie Sanders, independent Senator, and a self-proclaimed communist from Vermont, who is also interested in the Democratic nomination.

Speaking to ABC “This Week” on Sunday, Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson said that he would approve Clinton in her effort to win the presidential election set for November 2016, but said Biden would be a tough candidate if he joined the race.

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