Facebook has announced that a bunch of new features and controls will be arriving on the social networking site. The most exciting of which is the ability to use a looping video as one’s profile photo, somewhat like a GIF.

In a long overdue update to Facebook profiles, the website is employing a stronger effort to make its appearance more attractive on mobile phones. The profile photo of the user will be centered, and a short biography section will be included. Users will also be able to use emojis, and they will be able to decide what personal information is displayed.

Beneath the biography section will be a space for featured photos that users can utilize to visually express both their personality and what matters most to them.

Perhaps the most exciting new feature for Facebook users is the ability to use a short, looping video clip as one’s profile photo. While users will not be able to upload a .gif file, the effect is extremely similar.

Another new feature is the ability to use temporary photos. Users will be able to put a time limit on a new profile photo, and after the time limit is up, the profile photo will automatically revert to whatever the user had before. This way, users will be able to temporarily highlight whatever is important to them at that particular moment in their lives.

Facebook says that it is making these changes in order to better accommodate the increasing number of users who use smartphones to access the website and to give users more options for the easy customization of their profiles.

With smartphones quickly becoming the new laptop, it’s no surprise that Facebook is making these changes. The website expects even more people to use smartphones as their primary method for accessing Facebook over time.

For now, Facebook is still testing these features, and only a select number of users will be able to use the new features right away. However, it is expected that every user of the website will be able to experience the changes in the near future.

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