A research team in China has created a new kind of paint that seemingly changes colors, and they believe that it could be an exciting new trend that could put an end to disagreements over what color to paint a room.

But it’s not just the walls of a house that can be altered; the technology will also be able to change the colors of the floor and the furniture, all with the convenience of a smartphone.

Lead scientist for the project Dr. Du Xuemin says, “Imagine a house that will cheer you up with a bright color when it rains. Imagine the fun of instantly changing the color of everything, from the wall to the floor to the furniture, just by swiping a smartphone. Our paint will make all these dreams come true.”

The paint functions with tiny cells that can be manipulated to deflect visible light at various wavelengths. The result is the appearance of different colors. The core of the cells consists of metal, and the technology makes use of electrical currents to alter the size of the cells. The cells can also be changed by applying water or changing the temperature of the room.

Du’s team started the project when they discovered that when natural light hit these special cells, the light was deflected by uneven surfaces at different wavelengths. This caused the human eye to detect different colors. The paint is able generate a great variety of different colors.

The biggest challenge of the project for the scientists was working with extremely small cells, as they have a diameter that is a fraction of the thinness of human hair. Furthermore, the surface of the cells must be designed with extreme precision. Otherwise, the incorrect color will be produced.

However, the team managed to overcome these challenges, and they are now able to produce dozens of liters of the paint every single day. They are currently working to bring the paint into homes everywhere. People are very excited about the technology.

Du explains, “We are working with some companies in the chemicals industry to bring the technology from the lab to mass production. The idea of a paint that can change color like a chameleon has generated enormous interest.”

Du expects the paint to be available to the public in the coming years,

“When the product will be available to consumers for home decoration depends on many factors. In my conservative estimate, it will hit stores shelf within three years,” he says.

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