In an effort to combat world hunger, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon visited the Milan Expo World’s Fair in Italy on Friday, which was international World Food Day. The fair is focusing on worldwide food security and nutrition. The United Nations says that it has a goal of completely eradicating world hunger by the year 2030.

The Secretary General called for a pledge to achieve food security for people across the globe and to construct a global movement to end hunger. He says that he wants the movement to go hand in hand with other goals of achieving worldwide economic development, healthy living and social inclusion.

Nearly 800 million people in the world face problems in making sure that they have enough food to eat. Hunger and malnutrition is a major problem in the world, and it is a problem that the United Nations General Assembly hopes to soon solve. One of the 17 sustainable goals of the United Nations is to eliminate poverty and hunger within the next 15 years.

Many experts also believe that the issue of hunger is one of the driving factors in the migrant crisis currently taking place in Europe.

Meanwhile, the Milan Charter, which was drafted by Italy, hopes to secure food and water for the growing population of the world. The document should boost awareness of sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

However, some have criticized the charter for lacking concrete agreements, while also leaving out major food-related concerns such as genetically modified crops, climate change, land grabs, desertification and the loss of biodiversity in the wild.

Still, speakers at the World’s Fair emphasized the need to combat hunger, stating that it would only be possible if individual actors took initiative. They said that most progress needs to be made in the local communities themselves.

While world governments and leaders can do their part, it is ordinary people who need to fight against hunger in order to achieve success.

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