Justin Trudeau Is Leading Polls To Become Prime Minister Of Canada

The leader of Canada’s Liberal Party Justin Trudeau is in good position to become the next Prime Minister of Canada.

The most recent polls show that Trudeau and the Liberals currently have a seven point lead over the current Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. Thomas Mulcair of the New Democratic Party is in third place.

Polls have shifted greatly throughout the campaigning process, with both parties maintaining leads at various points in time. Trudeau was even in third place at one point. Additionally, many of the 26.4 million registered voters in Canada are still undecided.

While recently campaigning in Calgary, Alberta, Trudeau promised a change for the better if elected. Justin Trudeau, who is 43 years old, is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who many Canadians consider to be the father of modern Canada.

Meanwhile, Stephen Harper has warned citizens that they will pay more taxes if Trudeau is elected. Additionally, the nation could fall back into a deficit. Harper claims that it is important to protect the Canadian economy by voting for the Conservative Party.

Harper said, “Every single vote for a Conservative candidate is a vote to protect our economy against Liberal deficits and taxes.”

Meanwhile, Mulcair warned Canadians about the scandals that took place the last time that the Liberal Party was in power. Corruption plagued the last Liberal administration.

The current campaign cycle in Canada is nearing its end. The 11 week campaign has been filled with speeches, personal attacks, controversies and five public debates.

Some more memorable moments of the campaign cycle saw Harper’s former chief of staff testify against a Conservative senator who was accused of bribery and fraud, as well as the resignation of the co-chairman of the Liberal Party after a leaked email showed him shilling for a pipeline builder.

Stephen Harper has been in power since 2006. This is his fourth election since originally coming to office. However, this election cycle has proven to be difficult for Harper and the Conservative Party, as many Canadians want a change in their government.

Canadian elections take place every three years. The election will take place this Monday.

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