In Brooklyn, people who aren’t satisfied with the performance of their own mothers, or who are unfortunate enough to not have one in the first place, can now rent a new mother. While the “Need a Mom” service is usually offered for young people, there’s no reason that anyone couldn’t request a new mother.

The service was started by real mother Nina Keneally, who decided that she could make extra money by selling herself as a “mother” for the younger crowd of Brooklyn.

Indeed, Keneally will provide you all the services of a traditional mother. The rent-a-mom will let you cry on her shoulder, iron your shirts and fix a loose button. But customers need to be aware that she is a “mother”, not a “maid”. Therefore, she will not do your laundry or organize your closet. After all, her clients are old enough to do those tasks by themselves.

If you’re lonely, Keneally will go on a walk or watch a movie with you. She will also buy presents for your family members on holidays and even wrap them.

Keneally has not yet determined rates for her service, but she says that delivering a wholesome meal of chicken noodle soup to her big boy or girl will cost roughly $40.

According to Keneally, she already has a total of six clients in Brooklyn.

Some people are criticizing this practice. They believe that people who want a mom because they are lonely should instead volunteer, perhaps at a senior center. And people who really do have troubles because of a lack of a true mother or an estranged relationship would probably be better off receiving professional help from a therapist.

One reason that Keneally’s program is successful however is the influx of young people into densely populated areas such as New York. Young people are the most likely demographic to request a mother, and by marketing herself to young people in this area, Keneally might just make a good bit of money.

Time will tell if Keneally’s “mother” service will prove to be a success.

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