The last suspect from a deadly shooting that took place between bikers and police officers outside of a Waco, TX restaurant is set to be released from jail. Originally, 177 people were charged in the incident, which took place earlier this year in May.

Over last weekend, Marcus Pilkington was being processed for his release from a jail in the city of Waco. Pilkington will post a $50,000 bond, which is a far cry from other suspects who posted bonds up to $1 million.

In the shooting, nine people were killed and an additional 20 were injured. Authorities say that the incident started following a confrontation between two motorcycle clubs known as the Bandidos and the Cossacks. The shooting initiated shortly before a rider safety meeting was set to take place.

In the aftermath, authorities found more than 430 weapons, 151 of which were guns.

In videos of the incident, it’s clear that the entire scene was chaotic, as people tried to flee the area while police threatened anyone who moved with their lives. This all took place while bodies were left lying in pools of their own blood.

Many involved in the scene took to the restaurant for cover, hiding behind tables and crawling on the floor to escape. In total, there were more than 8,800 pages of evidence relating to the incident.

Despite the horrible result, nobody has been charged with any of the deaths. Additionally, few details about what started the violence have been provided.

As for Pilkington, he says that he did not fire a gun in the incident.

Another man involved, Jeff Battey says that he cannot remember if he fired a gun or not because of the chaos. Battey was shot and wounded in the incident.

Battey’s attorney is trying to convince the court to have his ankle monitor taken off, while also being allowed to resume communication with other suspects, many of whom are his friends. Battey posted a $1 million bond to get out of jail.

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