A new sort of sexual revolt is taking place on college campuses, as some students are refusing to attend sexual consent classes that are offered by universities.

One British student at Warwick University named George Lawlor displayed his outrage towards these classes by taking a picture of himself holding a sign that read “This is not what a rapist looks like”. The picture was published in his school’s newspaper. Lawlor has refused to attend sexual consent classes because he feels that they unfairly make men out to be sexual predators.

A recent poll in one student newspaper showed that 61% of students don’t believe they should be required to take such classes. Certain universities in Great Britain require that these classes be taken, including extremely prominent ones like Cambridge and Oxford.

These classes often treat students like children. They tell men and women, most of whom aren’t virgins, how to express and recognize consent to sexual intercourse.

These lectures regarding basic human interaction, quite frankly, aren’t needed at this stage of life. And it’s not just Great Britain where this is taking place. In California, many people have been critical of the state’s affirmative consent laws. And in the United States as a whole, sexual assault “kangaroo courts” have been viewed as unnecessary.

What it all comes down to is that the sexual freedom of young people is slowly being taken away. Now “experts” want to come in and destroy the natural instinct of young people to experiment and figure things out for themselves.

With these new policies, women are led to believe that all men are perverts, while men are told that the natural act of consensual drunken sex is inappropriate. It’s easy to wonder if the people putting out these classes have forgotten what some of the most common activities on college campuses even are.

It’s no wonder that many students are fighting back against these programs. They want to figure things out for themselves and not have others do it for them.

Many people compare the situation to religious leaders trying to regulate sexual activity in the past. However, some see the situation as even worse. While religious morals only said that certain sexual acts were inappropriate, today’s politically correct sex enforcers view all sex that isn’t completely pure to be dangerous.

Furthermore, they believe that the majority of young men and women aren’t even capable of determining what is appropriate and what is not.

While young people of prior generations were warned not to do anything “wicked”, today’s young people are being warned not do to anything at all until they are advised by so called sexual experts.

But now, students who want to learn and make mistakes on their own are fighting back. This is what adults have done for generations. If they can’t learn on their own, they never will.

And it should be mentioned that this is not just simply a “men’s rights” issue. Women are also being oppressed by these consent classes. These consent classes make women out to be childlike creatures who are at the mercy of drunken perverted men. Women have rights too. They have just as much power as men in these situations. Simply viewing them as “sexual victims” isn’t going to change anything.

Of course, sex should always be consensual, but it should never be implied that all men are rapists and all women are victims.

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