Many people are obtaining STDs as a result of drug-induced orgies that can last for multiple days at a time. Last September, former child star Danny Pintauro revealed that he contracted HIV from a man he didn’t even know during a long lasting sex orgy. At the time, Pintauro says that he was extremely high on crystal meth.

The phenomenon is referred to by many as “chemsex”, and experts say that the practice is very dangerous. Participants of chemsex often say that they forget days entirely and that they can go days without sleeping or eating.

People involved can obviously lose their ability to make proper judgments, which can lead to the contraction of serious sexual diseases. Additionally, the process of going long periods of time without proper rest or nutrition is very unhealthy.

Most of these chemsex orgies involve men having sex with other men. On average, a chemsex orgy involves five sexual partners. And most of the time, protection is not used. Drugs that are commonly used include mephedrone, GHB, GBL and crystal meth. Mephedrone is commonly referred to as “meow meow”.

People who participate in chemsex say that these drugs make sexual experiences better. They reduce inhibitions while also increasing pleasure. They also allow for sustained arousal, while making people feel completely comfortable with totally new sexual partners. Some participants say that taking the drugs helps them overcome a lack of self-esteem and their fear of contracting an STD.

With one in eight gay men having an STD in London, the practice of chemsex is very unsafe.

If these drug-fueled orgies become commonplace among straight people, there could be a serious outbreak of STDs that would be a health disaster for everyone who participates in casual sex.

For now, health experts are doing their best to spread the word about the dangers that are associated with chemsex. They are telling people to always make informed decisions and to think twice before taking illegal substances, since they might end up doing something that they later regret. People engaging in sexual activity are also advised to protect themselves.

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