According to recent reports, the newest cyber weapons that are being developed by the United States military will actually be able to kill people. Nearly $500 million is being spent on the top-secret project.

The weapons would give the power to United States troops to deploy “logic bombs”. These bombs would target an enemy’s critical infrastructure and self-destruct in an explosion.

These yet-to-be developed bombs would be the first ever cyber weapons that would be capable of directly injuring people or even taking their lives. There is now literal violence to the term of “cyberwar”.

At the present time, various firms are vying for the right to help develop this technology for the United States military.

By using these weapons, military personnel will be able to better infiltrate enemy territories, while also stopping enemies from using their own cyber technologies and possibly even shut down their power facilities entirely.

Military officials say that the technology should prove to be extremely useful. The Pentagon has already approved of digital weapons that are designed to kill humans.

The Pentagon says that it wants to eventually create cyber weapons with the capabilities of triggering nuclear plant meltdowns, opening dams above populated areas and disrupting air control services to cause airplane crashes.

Pentagon officials have insisted that these powers are compliant with both United States and international law. Officials have stated that international policies for lethal cyber weapons are similar to those of traditional bombs or bullets.

Specifically, cyber weapons would not be allowed to target civilians or historic sites. Still, it is very likely that unintended casualties would still take place from time to time.

Additionally, the Pentagon is working to develop protections for United States cyber facilities so that enemies cannot use similar technologies against the United States.

Indeed, other countries have already been reported to have been working on such technology. Perhaps most troubling is that these lethal cyber weapons might soon be available on the black market for purchase by terrorist organizations such as ISIS.

Needless to say, it’s quite amazing, and scary, as to what military technologies are being developed.

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