While many people think that PETA is trying to save animals, it turns out that the organization actually kills thousands of innocent creatures. Last year, PETA officials killed a family pet dog in Virginia, mistaking it for a feral animal. The incident represents yet another case of PETA acting in an extreme and tasteless manner.

In October of 2014, security footage shows two employees of PETA running off with the pet Chihuahua of the Llaven family in Accomack County, Virginia. The employees denied this until they were presented with the security footage.

By the time PETA was contacted just one day later, the pet had already been euthanized. Not only was this highly traumatizing for the Llaven family, it was also in violation of state policies. Animal services are required by Virginia state law to wait at least five days before euthanizing an animal.

In their defense, the employees were operating in an area that frequently has stray animals, and the dog was not wearing a collar at the time. Still, they issued a pretty bogus apology.

PETA said in a statement in February of 2015, “PETA is finally able to express the deep sorrow that we feel over an incident that occurred on the Eastern Shore in October 2014. A dog picked up by a PETA worker in the mobile home park, collarless and without any indication of ownership, was mistakenly identified as an owner-surrender and was then euthanized in error.”

The PETA workers were in the neighborhood after local residents asked the organization to collect feral animals. However, this was a tiny chihuahua that was resting peacefully on a family porch.

Ultimately, no charges were filed by the state against PETA, but the group was issued at $500 fine for not following the standard five-day euthanizing policy. However, this has not satisfied the Llaven family, as they are suing PETA for $9.7 million.  

Of course, this is not the only questionable incident to come from PETA. The group is full of extremists who deal with shock value. This year, their Thanksgiving advertisement featured a gruesome picture with a severed human leg in place of a turkey

Additionally, PETA often acts in an inconsistent manner. While the organization says that it highly values the lives of animals, PETA animal shelters have been shown to euthanize animals at a faster rate than other humane society groups. PETA is extremely eager to pull the trigger as quickly as possible in order to make room for more animals that it can kill.

So while PETA says that it is promoting a vegan message of peace-and-love, the group is actually killing cats and dogs at an alarming rate. And then in incidents like the Llaven family chihuahua, the organization is even killing family pets.

Statistics from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services show that last year PETA euthanized 2,454 of the 3,369 animals in its possession. Most of these animals were voluntarily surrendered by their owners, with the PETA-promise that they would be sent to new homes.

However, it was shown that only a small handful of these animals were actually adopted. Indeed, it’s pretty shocking when almost 73% of these animals were killed. Needless to say, this rate is much higher than comparable shelters in Virginia.

By now, it’s no secret that PETA is full of lunatics. If the organization followed through on its statements that would be one thing, but instead it turns around and kills thousands of animals right behind everyone’s backs. PETA is a hypocritical and dishonest organization that has set a new low for animal welfare.

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