Scientists from the Texas A&M University Health Science Center have created a brand new “super condom” that is better at preventing the spread of STDs, while also being more sexually pleasurable than traditional condoms. The super condoms will be available for public purchase starting early next year.

The new condoms will be lined with a hydrogel-based product that is known to kill the HIV virus. This will prevent the spread of HIV even if the condom were to accidentally break. Additionally, the innovative condom will also include a plant-based antioxidant that is designed to enhance sexual pleasure. Scientists working on the condom have said that several companies are highly interested in manufacturing the product.

Head researcher of the project Mahua Choudhury said, “People say they don’t want to use condoms because it doesn’t have the same sexual pleasure. The anti-oxidant will enhance neurotransmitters which will work with nerve endings, giving greater sexual pleasure. If the HIV virus gets into the product, the condom will block it, prevent it replicating, and prevent entry. We are not only making a novel material for condoms to prevent the HIV infection, but we are also aiming to eradicate this infection if possible.”

The scientists have said that the new condom will be extremely affordable so that everyone who is sexually active will be able to work to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. The condom should only cost around $1. In 2015, new HIV cases in Europe reached a 30 year high of 142,000 cases.

Choudhury originally started the project after she was one of 54 people who were awarded a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve global health. Choudhery has said that the condoms will also be latex free so that they can be used by people with latex allergies as well.

Additionally, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is also funding research from the University of Wollongong in Australia to develop a hydrogen condom that reportedly mimics the feeling of skin.

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