If there could only be one perspective in the world from a woman, which would it be, between a man and a dog?

When you mull over it, they have several mutual traits. Tricks, both can do, only that a man’s version of playing dead is in front of the television. While a dog can be taught to fetch the newspaper and your slippers, a man knows how to fetch and can fetch…only beer and the remote control. And if you taught him how to fetch the newspaper, the only portion of it you would get is the sports section. The common ground does not end there; both beg while standing on two legs and neither understand when a woman has a headache, neither ever makes the bed they sleep on.

Honestly, get a dog if you’re only concerned about a mess because as much as it cannot clean up after itself, the mess it makes is not as much to be cleaned up. Another point where dogs beat men is in obeying the command to stay. They not only stay, but also love unconditionally. They are also very forgiving; whether you’re late, you feed them the same meal daily or you put them outside. They neither gripe nor whine about a woman’s shopping, lengthy conversations or how much time she uses up to look her best.

Dog relationships outlive most human relationships; hence it boils down to this – get a dog if you want a long-term relationship. “Men are not dogs. Uh-uh. Dogs are loyal and can lick their own balls,” said Wanda Sykes once. That wraps it up perfectly

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