Perhaps, if women were to become men for a day – just one day – it would certainly help them to better understand the male species. Perhaps they would even like it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to walk a mile in Nikes instead of heels? A woman would ask for directions if she got lost while hiking the mile though.

Of all the envious things men boast of, such as being physically stronger, faster and having less body fat, the crowning jewel on the list of envy is their attire. When you can just don a different shirt and have the result regarded as a different outfit, it becomes unbelievably easy to get dressed in the morning.

Men are unappreciative of the advantages they have, though they should be grateful. For instance when shaving they get to remove the top layer of facial skin before it wrinkles. In order to get the same result, women pay ridiculously large amounts of money for laser treatments or chemical peels. Also, men don’t have to contend for equal pay with women. Regrettably, women have managed to gain equal rights to stress-related heart disease in their contention to overcome barriers to their advancement. Life has qualified women for positions in the house and the senate because on a daily basis, they solve-within budget too- problems regarding health, education and much more when it comes to their family. As a matter of fact, there is an equal rights bumper sticker that reads, “A woman’s place is in the House…and the Senate.”

Presently, stewardesses are now flight attendants. Actresses are referenced as actors. And soon a mentor will be called a “peopletor”. Gone are the days that it was considered a man’s world. A man who keeps anticipating his home to be his castle might as well expect the man on the Tidy Bowl cleaner to be sailing his little boat in the king’s throne. If a man considers his dog as his best friend, he better teaches it how to cook, clean and should like to watch football.

I’m certain one day as a man would be quite enough for most of the daring women, despite the fact that they like new experiences and challenges. It took God a very short time to decide to improve His work by making a woman after all!


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