If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen much of the infamous couple Khloe Kardashian and James Harden lately, it’s because the two have broken up. In fact, the relatively low-key couple has been separated for a few weeks now.

The reality TV star Khloe Kardashian started dating James Harden of the Houston Rockets last summer. The two formed a relationship, despite the fact the Khloe was still technically married to another basketball player, Lamar Odom.

Controversy quickly emerged, as it was revealed that Khloe rushed to Lamar’s side when he fell into a coma while at a strip club last fall. This led many to question Khloe’s commitment to Harden. Meanwhile, Harden was frustrated with the lack of attention he was receiving from Khloe.

A close family member of Harden was quoted as saying, “It hasn’t been easy. James obviously has wanted to see her more and be with her more, but she’s felt like she needed to stay in L.A. to be with her family and to deal with Lamar stuff. That has put some strain on things.”

Rumors have it that Khloe dumped Harden a few weeks ago. Apparently being clingy for attention is a turn-off of Khloe. This explains why the pair has not been spotted together in quite a while.

In the meantime, Khloe is still technically married to Lamar Odom. Still, we fully expect to see her back in the dating scene soon. After all, her marriage hasn’t stopped her in the past! It has already been reported that Khloe has updated her OKCupid online dating profile

As for Harden, he may have lost his girl, but at least his basketball game is going decently. Harden currently leads the entire NBA in terms of points scored with 1,542 points this season. Still, this did not stop Harden from being part of trade rumors during the recently-passed NBA trade deadline.

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