While Donald Trump’s presidential run may have started out as a joke to many, it’s starting to look like the outspoken businessman-turned-politician has a serious shot at winning the Republican nomination, and possibly even the presidency. And now, it’s no surprise that late-night talk shows are started to take notice.
Last Sunday, Jimmy Kimmel Live ran a sketch that featured Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in a movie preview for “Trumped”, a fictitious musical covering the Donald Trump situation. The sketch is a parody of the award-winning Mel Brooks musical The Producers, and it covers the Donald Trump story that we have now been watching for nearly 10 months.
Lane and Broderick star in the sketch as political consultants. Desperate to make some cash, they decide to support a losing candidate so that they can profit heavily off of their loss. They settle on Donald Trump and his plan to “build a great, great wall”.
But much to their dismay, Trump obtains an incredible amount of support, giving him a real chance to win the election. No matter what racist and bigoted comments Donald Trump makes, he keeps doing well in the polls. The two consultants are left wondering if they had picked the wrong moron to support.
Needless to say, it’s basically the exact same situation that is unfolding right before our very eyes. The sketch put it best, “It’s a story that starts off funny, and then gets really really depressing.”
Jimmy Kimmel Live isn’t the only late-night talk show to spoof Donald Trump. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon recently ran a sketch that featured the characters of the Netflix series Fuller House having a special moment with the GOP hopeful.

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