5 Best Apps For The Perfect Happy Hour Spot

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Whoever invented happy hour knew a thing or two about having fun. We’ve all had that problem where you suddenly have a thirst that only a happy hour beverage and snack can quench.

That early evening time where you’re ready to unwind from a busy day, meet a friend to catch up, or pre-dinner libations. No matter what the occasion that hour of discounted food and drinks is the happiest of hours.

It’s so popular that almost every restaurant and bar worth going to will have a designated happy hour. We’ve put together 5 of the best happy hour apps to help you find the perfect spot for the perfect hour. 

Happy Hour Apps you gotta try

5. Cocktail Compass – Happy Hour Near You

This Seattle based app is one of the most essential happy hour apps available. Not only does it have a happy hour countdown it also connects you with a ride home!

“My BF and I stayed in an AirBNB in Seattle and our host told us about this amazing app, which we IMMEDIATELY downloaded, and used the whole week we were visiting!!! …” – Review by G1ngeraff3

4. Appy Hour – Food/drink Specials & Events

AppyHourThis happy hour app is all about supporting local businesses. Created by the perfect tech and beverage connoisseurs, Appy Hour will have you sipping in no time.

“Another nice update. Love the ‘favoriting’ ability and events feed… Keep making it easy to use and it’ll stay as my go-to app for a long time to come :)” – Review by xoxo_1990

3. Happ’d – Experience Local Happenings


Happ’d prides itself as a discovery app for the restaurant and bar business. This app uses your location and actually gives you recommendations on where to go!

“This app saved me from the mind numbing back and forth of ‘where do I want to eat tonight?’ Now when we’re going out for dinner we pull up the app instantly and see what specials are happening around us and go… Let’s eat drink and be merry!” – Reviewed by AVTheOriginator

2. BarHopper – Happy Hour

BarHopper app

BarHopper is a sleek and easy to use app that is guaranteed to get you to the right place at the right time.

“My girlfriends and I were always searching all over Yelp for what places have happy hours in the city… The “near me” is awesome and very helpful. It’s a necessity for all those living in San Francisco looking to get their happy hour on :)”  – Reviewed by Jabes6

1. The House – Food and Drink Deals

The house appStill deciding where to go? The house is a happy hour app that allows you to build your own personalized feed of the bars and restaurants you love!

“This app is great! I use it all the time to find out what’s going on tonight locally. My friends and I have started using it the last month and glad it has made its way to Austin!” – Reviewed by 007lanier


That’s all folks! The best and top rated happy hour apps around. Find out what’s happening locally tonight and get happy!

Author: Brianne A


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