Apple and Google Top The Interbrand Best Global Brands Report

Apple and Google Top The Interbrand Best Global Brands Report

Despite rapid growth by many global companies over the last year, Apple and Google remain the most valuable brands, according to the annual Interbrand Best Global Brands report released today. This the third year in a row that the two U.S companies have topped the report, which estimates Apple’s brand being worth $170.3 billion and Google’s at $120.3 billion.

The report says Apple’s worth increased 43 percent from 2014 while Google enjoyed a 12 percent rise in value.

While Facebook only came in at 23rd in the rankings, it had the highest percentage increase over the past year with 54 percent growth to be valued at $22 billion.

The global chief executive of Interbrand Jez Frampton says that by looking at the companies heading the report and those who had shown the fastest growth it was obvious that, "Nowadays, in order to succeed in any marketplace, you not only have to have a great business idea, you have to have a great brand."

"All the brands in the top are there for a very good reason," says Frampton. "They've either transformed or made better how we live our lives."

The technology sector dominated this year's Interbrand list, representing a third of the report's overall value. As well as Apple and Google, technology brands filled four of the report's top 10 ranking, with Microsoft climbing to 4th place from last year's fifth; IBM at No. 5; and Samsung remaining at No. 7.

The other brands in the top 10 are Coca-Cola, No. 3; Toyota, No. 6; General Electric, No. 8; McDonald's, No. 9; and Amazon, No 10.

Frampton says the Interbrand report’s rankings and brand valuations are determined by brand earnings and how big a role a brand has had in influencing its consumers' loyalty and decisions over the past year.

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