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Asian Americans Are Patrolling Streets Across the US

Across the US, Asian Americans are patrolling the streets to keep their elders safe. With rising Asian-hate crimes, communities are taking action into their own hands and protecting their senior citizens.

All over the country, Asian-hate crimes have spiked since the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of the community are taking action to protect the elders and keep the streets safe.

Hate crimes against Asian Americans has increased by almost 150% in 2020. The cities with the most incident reports are New York and Los Angeles. Both of which are known for their large Asian communities.

Asian Americans patrolling the neighborhoods
Asian Americans Patrolling the Streets | CBS

Asian americans are patrolling the streets to keep seniors safe

Carl Chan said to CNN “I am so fortunate to be able to live another day to tell my story”.

Chan was in Oakland’s Chinatown on his way to meet an elderly person who had been attacked when he was attacked. Unfortunately, Chan is one of the many Asian Americans who have been attack in the past year.

All across the country, citizens are volunteering to patrol Asian communities in efforts to deter racism and violent attacks.

“We try to just show our presence to try to make sure that the individuals that might be out there don’t try to commit any crimes,” David Won told CNN.

In New York a group called Public Safety Patrol, have said that many people are afraid to even talk about what happened to them.

Combatting Asian Hate Crimes

Stop AAPI Hate has been tracking reports racism and hate crimes again Asian Americans. They have received more than 6,000 complaints since last year.

President, Joe Biden signed into law a legislation that aims at countering the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes. Additionally, COVID-19 Hate Crime Acts will create a new position at the Justice Department to speed-up review of COVID related hate crimes.

POTUS, Joe Biden said “We hear too many Asian Americans have been walking up this last year in fear for their safety.”

Asian americans patrolling the streets
Stop Asian Hate! | Viviana Rishe

What Can We Do To Stop Asian Hate?

It has been seen not only the states but globally an outright target on the backs of the Asian community. Hate crimes and racism has increased significantly since the beginning of the pandemic.

If you are looking to get involved and step up the Asian American community here are 5 things you can do.

  1. Sign, Donate, Share 

Easy enough, you can do this from your own home. Sign their collective community statement. Donate within your city to the victims and their families. Share resources you can offer victims, their families and the community. Things like language translation, mental health services, legal services and any other kind of assistance.

2. Speak Up If You Witness a Hate Crime or Incident 

“See something, say something”. Don’t be a bystander, if you happen to find yourself witnessing something, speak out, intervene or defend that person.

Many of these victims have been seniors and women. Yell for help, call the police or get physically involved.

3. Report the Hate Crime or Incident

If someone is in danger, call 911. Hate crimes often go unreported. The language barrier can be a deterrent for some people to report an incident, offer translation services if you can.

4. Learn More About Hate and Racism

There are many community programs that teach about racism and hate. These are great opportunity to learn more, listen, and understand what behaviours are not acceptable.

5. Reach Out to You Elected Officials

You have a voice and it’s time to use it. Some lawmakers are actively working on the issue, however it is still important to apply pressure.

Learn more ways to fight violence and racism against Asian Americans here.

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