All About the Benefits of Emu Oil

benefits of emu oil


The holy grail of skin treatment is here; Emu oil! This protective oil will be your go to for any skin irritation. Here is everything you need to know about Emu oil!

If you’ve been suffering with anything from rashes to poor circulation to wrinkles, emu oil is your saviour. Let’s take a look at everything you should know about emu oil!

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What is Emu oil?

Emu oils are actually from the fat cells of an emu bird! It is an essential fatty acid and helps tremendously with inflammation, pain relief, skin irritation and many more.

Due to its non-synthetic nature, it is very good and beneficial for the skin. Emu oil is generally very good for dry skin, as it works as a moisturizer.

This helps to remove the hardness and toughness from the skin, thereby making it softer and smoother.

Emu oil is an active ingredient carrier, as well as a cosmetic solvent that can be used for a variety of different medicinal purposes.

It is very true that the benefits of emu oil are extremely valuable and useful for the skin.

What is emu oil used for

The oil is also gifted with medicinal properties. It helps cure some skin conditions as well as soothe pain. It can also be used as massaging oil.

The Benefits of Emu Oil in Cosmetics

As an excellent emulsifier, it can be mixed with other cosmetic substances that are also good for skin care.

It helps these substances to penetrate properly into the skin, thereby making them function more effectively.

According to a recent study, emu oil exhibits a very rapid skin penetration rate. It is known to move deep within skin layers very quickly.

Treating Inflammation

Additionally, It has also been shown that the benefits of emu oil products generally serve as very efficient anti-inflammatory agents. 

It also serves as a natural anti-aging lotion that gives good results without nasty side effects.

Pain Reliever

Emu oil is most commonly used for its pain relieving, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Since emu oil penetrates through the skin quickly and deeply, it can bring relief for knotted and cramped muscles.

In addition, It has been known to treat arthritis and other joint and muscular pains. It has also been used by athletes during training sessions and in competitions.

Skin Irritation

When it comes to healing, the benefits of emu oil do a fantastic job. It has been known to treat skin burns and sunburns, and it can be used to reduce scarring. Similarly, emu oil can also be applied over blisters and scrapes.

It can even be used to prevent hair loss and aid in the process of healing wounds. Emu oil assists in the healing process because of its ability to improve blood flow.

Moreover, emu oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, and it can be used to reduce swelling and rashes. Also, it is anti-bacterial in nature, which helps to safeguard the skin from pathogenic infections.

Best of all, there are virtually no harmful side effects from using emu oil. In the end, the benefits of emu oil are essentially what make it the perfect oil to use on your skin in almost any situation.

Emu Oil From Emus

Is it cruel?

Unfortunately, the production of Emu oil require the Emu bird to be killed. Emu meat is typically unappetizing and difficult to eat, so Emu’s are mostly only “harvested” for cosmetic purposes.

The oil is extracted from the fat on the Emu’s back which requires the removal of the oil and surrounding fat.

If you’re looking for vegan and cruelty-free skin care products, this is definitely one you should avoid.


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