#BlackOnCampus Paints A Disturbing Picture Of Being Young And Black

#BlackOnCampus Paints A Disturbing Picture Of Being Young And Black

The tension over issues regarding race at the University of Missouri is continuing to escalate. So far, there have been boycotts, resignations and even death threats. Now, students and faculty are taking to Twitter to express their displeasure.

The recent events on the college campus have resulted in widespread conversations about what it’s like to an African American on a college campus in today’s day and age. The college’s African-American protest group, known as Concerned Student 1950, has been behind most of these on-campus demonstrations and protests.

Recently, the group asked black students and alumni to share their experiences of how they are currently, or have been in the past, marginalized for the color of their skin. The group is using the hashtag #BlackOnCampus.

Black students responded by saying that when they are one of the few colored students in a predominantly white class, their views are often seen as representing that of the entire African-American community.

Other black students expressed outrage over the fact that they are frequently used in brochures to emphasize diversity, but when it comes time to create new policies, they are largely shunned by the white majority.

One black student claimed that she was in a law class, and some white students had the audacity to say that the only reason she got accepted into the school was because of affirmative action.

Another student said that she met her white friend’s parents, and the parents told her “you’re not like those other black people”.

Another African-American student said that when people learn that he is on a scholarship, they always ask him what sport he plays. He is currently attending the school on an academic scholarship, but people frequently express surprise when they learn that he got a full ride because of his good grades rather than for being proficient at a sport.

Some African-American professors have said that they are the only colored teachers in their entire departments. Some have gone as far to say that students have expressed shock when they learn that their professor is black.

Other students, both past and present, said that they do not feel safe on campus because of their race. They also said that they have been unfairly questioned by white police officers.

Needless to say, this has certainly been a very tense semester at the University Of Missouri. It looks like some very serious changes will need to be made in order to set things right.