Cable Who? Netflix Gains 2.5M Subscribers First Six Months In Australian

Cable Who? Netflix Gains 2.5M Subscribers First Six Months In Australian

The streaming video company Netflix has obtained approximately 2.5 million Australian users during the first half of this year. This recent estimate was made by the Australian Communications and Media Authority by questioning more than 1,500 adults about the way they watch content.

Netflix began offering services in Australia earlier this year in March. By June, estimates showed that the company had more than 1 million users in Australia. The exact figures for the number of Netflix users were not able to be obtained because the company does not publicly disclose its number of users on a per country basis outside of the United States.

On the authority’s website, a message was posted that read, “Subscription video on demand is growing rapidly in Australia, becoming an increasingly popular way to watch video content. From January to March this year, Australia saw the launch of new SVOD services, including Netflix, Presto TV and Stan, and the take-up since then has been rapid. With the introduction of these services, Australians now have a greater range of video content viewing options.”

However, not all of these users are necessarily paying customers. Many of the users are likely on a free trial. The streaming company offers free trials that range from one month to an entire year. Many telecommunication companies also offer free trials of Netflix.

It is estimated that 14% of all adult Australians use Netflix to stream movies or TV programs. Netflix is the most popular streaming service in Australia.

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, an estimated 3.2 million adult Australians used video on demand streaming services during the first half of this year. This represents about 17% of the Australian population.

Additionally, about 12% of Australians had used Netflix during the week before the survey. Netflix represents about 80% of the Australian video streaming market.

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