Can American’s Travel to Cuba?

The tension between Cuba and America is slowly easing but can American’s travel to Cuba? Find out how you can visit Cuba and why it is a must see destination!

In short, the answer is yes, American’s can travel to Cuba except for tourism. However, there are several ways around this but you will need to meet some requirements.

can americans travel to cuba
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How can American’s travel to cuba?

To start, you’ll need a Cuban Tourist Card (also known as a Cuban Visa), travel insurance as well as a self-certification under 1 of the 12 categories of allowed travel.

Additionally, you must avoid spending money at restricted businesses and keep travel records for 5 years.

what do you need to travel to cuba from america?

Valid US Passport

You need a standard U.S. passport to travel to Cuba.

Cuban Tourist Card

All visitors to Cuba require a special visa called a tourist card. You will need this before you board a flight.

you can purchase this directly through the airline (American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue Southwest and United).

Or, buy it online. If the airline does not have a travel visa, you can buy it using Easy Tourist Card. 

Travel Insurance 

This is a requirement for Americans travelling to Cuba. the insurance must cover unexpected costs like medical or accidents. Check out RoamRight for specialized insurance plans for travellers.

Valid General Travel License to Cuba 

In order for Americans to travel to Cuba, a general license or a category of authorized travel to Cuba is required. You can find these categories at the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Getting this general license means :

  1. that you’ve chosen one of the U.S. governments 12 categories for travelling to Cuba.
  2. you meet the criteria for travelling to Cuba under your chosen category.

It is important to note that two categories will require actual document, professional research and professional meetings.

can americans travel to cuba
COVID-19 restrictions | revelstock review

Cuba Travel Restriction Due To COVID-19

There is a pre-arrival PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival as well as a completed sanitary statement.

Additionally, there is a second PCR test at arrival and a quarantine period of 5 nights and 6 days at designated hotels. After the quarantine there will be another PCR test.

Further restrictions include:

  • social distancing (5ft)
  • contact tracing or temperature checks
  • limited capacity and operating hours for some venues and facilities
  • large gatherings are not allowed
  • travel within and between cities and provinces may be restricted as well.

There are fines for not complying to these restrictions.

can americans travel to cuba
Havana | iStock

Why should every american travel to cuba?

Cuba’s capital, Havana, is famous for its traditional Latin heritage.

Those who love the nightlife can enjoy the vast array of hand-rolled cigars, delicious spicy food and beautiful music. however, more traditional tourists can explore and enjoy the old, colourful historic churches, Colonial-era buildings and gorgeous ocean views.

What makes Havana so unique is its large collection of vintage American cars constantly navigating the city’s narrow roads. Thousands of these classic cars are converted into taxis which makes for a great experience!

Cuba’s beautiful weather and coastlines in addition to its proximity to the United States make it an ideal place for tourists to visit.

Due to Cuba’s rich history, particularly with America, the island is an incredible and historic destination.

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