Cuba’s History, Beaches and Vintage American Cars Make It Amazing Place To Visit

The tension between the United States and Cuba is slowly easing. And while it may be a long time before we can buy Cuban cigars in the States, Americans can now legally travel to Cuba thanks to major reforms in 2015. Here is a look at why Cuba is an amazing place to visit and why the island attracts tourists from all over the world.

The capital of Cuba, Havana, celebrates both traditional Latin heritage while paying the utmost respect to America’s classic automobiles from the 1950s and 60s. Those who love the nightlife can enjoy the vast array of hand-rolled cigars, delicious spicy food and salsa music. More traditional tourists can explore and enjoy the old, colorful historic churches, Colonial-era buildings and gorgeous ocean views. And, what makes Havana so unique is its large collection of vintage American cars constantly navigating the city’s narrow roads.

Many of the thousands of classic cars in Havana have been converted into taxis – a booming industry since there are many tourists and no car rental services.  

In fact, from the 50s through the 70s, up to 60,000 vintage American cars ended up in Cuba where they were rebuilt meticulously, repaired and remodeled. And, since no new car parts have been shipped to Cuba since the 60s, Cubans have quite the knack and ingenuity for keeping the cars running.  Owners either tweak parts from older Soviet-era vehicles or simply make their own replacement parts in order to keep their babies running.

Cuba’s beautiful weather and coastlines in addition to its proximity to the United States make it an ideal place for tourists to visit. Because of Cuba’s rich history, particularly with America, the island is an incredibly unique, historic destination.